DoVira is a band that explores the point of intersection between world folk music and heavily processed electronic music. My most recent contributions to the group involve mapping alternative MIDI controllers and programming interactive lights. For example, in our live shows, I play an Akai APC40 along with a Nintendo Wii remote that I mapped to control global effects that I designed for the master channel in our Ableton Live session.

Thanks to a USB device called DMXIS, I was able to convert MIDI data into DMX data, which I then converted into voltage using a standard lighting dimmer. This allowed me to draw voltage patterns in Ableton Live for about a dozen lamps featured in the video below.

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Working with other artists is one of the most rewarding processes when making music. When another artist hires me to produce their single/record, my goal is to create an environment and experience that will inspire them to communicate their creative ideas in the most clear and genuine way.

For example, Cait Nishimura is a Canadian wind band and choral composer that finds inspiration in nature and pop music. Cait and I took a trip to Georgian Bay with the intention of reversing her creative process by creating a pop song inspired by the classical music she had written and recorded in the past. Much of the electronic sound design in the song below uses actual samples of her band music as source material.


Lemon Bucket Orkestra is one of the most unique Canadian-world-music blends where old meets new. This 12+ person group could be found performing everywhere and anywhere, from standing on top of the bars to sold out shows at large soft-seater venues. Their repertoire consists of high energy party-punk arrangements of Eastern European village folk songs. After five album releases and countless tours (most of Eastern and Central Europe, South Korea, Canada coast to coast, and USA), I retired from performing with the band in 2017.

Next to the promo video below, one of my fondest Lemon Bucket moments was captured and released in another video: on our way to Romania for the first time (a tour that was financed solely by busking for cash on the street) a sudden flight delay inspired an impromptu performance in the aircraft cabin.

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